Corbin Merlin Roadster “Car of the Week”

Corbin Merlin Roadster

Congrats to Craig Scherber! You are this weeks winner of our “Car of the Week”. We found this rare 2003 Corbin Merlin Roadster collectible at the Victoria Classic Car Show this week. It was turning heads non stop and very few people knew what it was.

This open cockpit, single passenger Roadster was co-designed with world renowned Automotive Designer Don Varner. It featured a chromolytubular chassis with a Harley-Davidson 88.4 cc V-twin engine at the front driving a four speed gearbox VW transaxle. Unfortunately a series of unfortunate events led to the fall of Corbin Motors before the Merlin made it into production. The Merlin Roadster was designed for pure fun!

There were approximately a dozen of these Corbin Merlin Roadster beta cars produced and only Eight were sold. Craig said the other 4 were taken by the investors for parts.

2003 Corbin Beta Roadster
Corbin Merlin Roadster
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