“Car of the Week” 50 Mercury Candy Oriental Blue

Congratulations Les from Hutchinson MN, your 50 Merc is our pick for “Car of the Week”. When you watch the video you’ll notice the House of Color candy metallic really pops out. This custom color is Oriental Blue metallic with a custom tint that it looks even better in person than a camera lens can capture. We caught up with Les at a Victoria Classic Car night this past season so we were able to make a short video. This car has plenty of nice upgrades to accommodate the stunning exterior. As you can see the top has been chopped by 2″, lowered with an Accu e-level air ride 7. It sports a 70 455 olds engine bored 30 over with a 750 4bbl card & Edlebrock intake. The tranny is a 700 turbo and a 9″ Ford read end. The front bumper is from a 51 Merc and a 51 Kaiser grill bar. The rear is a 53 Kaiser bumper guard. The super cool sombrero hubcaps are from a 53 Caddy. Nice work Les and Congrats on winning our Car of the Week!

Car of the Week
Car of the Week
Car of the Week
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Car of the Week
Car of the week

This is the second 50 Merc that’s won “Car of the Week”. Click the link to see our video on Sick 50 Merc. https://eventswithcars.com/sick-50-merc-our-car-of-the-week/

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