Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge 2019 at SEMA

This is an amazing organization! Teens will rebuild a Chevy V8 engine in under 30 minutes at SEMA 2019 Engine Challenge.

The event itself resembles the tear down between rounds at a drag race. The engines are identically prepared small block Chevys complete with all the goodies.

Students must properly disassemble the engine using hand tools only with proper detorque and disassembly procedure. Air cleaner, carb, distributor wires, spark plugs, manifold, headers, heads, lifters, rocker arms, push rods, timing chain and cover. Oil filter, oil pan, oil pump, and all eight pistons. The cam and crank remain in the block. The team then returns behind their bench and when called back, begins working to reassemble once again with correct assembly procedure and torque specs, all while being viewed by judges and spectators.

Time added penalties for dropped components, improper disassembly, assembly, sportsmanship, etc. will be added to ensure correct assembly. All procedure penalties are in the rule book provided to the schools at the start of the school year. The engines when reassembled should fire up and run if gas, water, and oil were added. The team with the fastest time including penalty minutes wins.

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